Stressless Sunrise Office Chair

The Stressless Sunrise Office chair is built with perforated foam molded directly over the frame. The indentations in our new Comfort-Zones™ technology allows your body to sink deeper into the seat, giving you an enhanced feeling of personal comfort. An additional pad of soft space-age foam ensures optimum comfort.
Standard features

W31 3/4 X 28 3/4 X H 44.5 - 47 1/4 / SEAT H18.5 - 21 1/4


Stressless® Sunrise Office

  • The Plus™ system adjusts the lumbar support along with the headrest to give you perfect support in any position
  • The Stressless® Glide wheels let's you adjust to the most comfortable position simply by using your body weight
  • Comfort Zones™ give you the best seating comfort in any position
  • 10-year warranty on the internal mechanism
  • Ekornes is proudly endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association

Fabric: $2,095

Batick Leather: $2,295

Paloma/Classic Leather: $2,395

Royalin Leather: $2,895


Price as sown in Paloma.