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Antiqued metal plated wooden arrow with battery operated warm LED lights.

Lighted "&" Sign

(light kit included)

Lighted Arrow - 4 available at this price

Available with white lights (light kit included)
$199.00 $99.50

Lighted Bar Sign - 5 available at this price

Bar (light kit included) W40 D5 H25
$649.00 $324.50

Lighted Horse Shoe

Horseshoe in rust finish (light kit included) W40 X D5 X H36
$499.00 $249.50

Lighted Las Vegas Sign

W30 x H24 x D4.5

Lighted Martini

Martini glass with antique gold finish (light kit included) W36 X D5 X H28

Lighted Open Sign- 1 available at this price

Light kit included. Bare steel finish.
$329.00 $164.50

Lighted Peace Sign

(light kit included) 21" DIAMETER

Lottie Shelf

Linear edge adopts posh sophistication via luxurious materials. Caged iron framing is finished in brass for a look of vibrant elegance. Keyhole attachment for secure hanging.

Metort Shelf

W20 x D9 x H54

Mixed Messages - 1 availble at this price

As shown on floor: Overall dimension 73.5 x 37.5 Item Type: Giclee Frame: Oak Valucore Float 36PUEC1613
$749.00 $349.00

Neutral Andaman I



33 x 10 x 19 Rustic Wall Storage and Coat Rack

Peacock Wall Fixture

50 x 7 x 50" Flame treated copper and brass elements with brazed accents


Each panel features three mirrors with a heavily oxidized, antiqued mirror in deep earth tones. May be hung horizontal or vertical.


Flame-treated steel W55 X D3 X H36

Skull Lighted Sign

Skull and Crossbones with bare steel finish (light kit included)

Triangle Shelf

Update your home with this modern triangular storage shelf. The two small shelves can be used to house your phone or decorative objects. Place them in multiples for extra storage and visual impact.